Our residents LOVE living here! 


"I absolutely LOVE living here for a number of a reasons. First of all, Katie and Meg (property manager & leasing agent) are always friendly and helpful, as are Tom and Cody (maintenance guys). They are super responsive with any concerns and truly make this place feel like home. I recently downsized from a two bedroom to a one bedroom unit (which I LOVE) and they all made the transition as easy as possible for me. Secondly, I have two large dogs that typically would not be accepted elsewhere, but I was able to bring my furry four-legged children without any issues. Last but not least, after renting a house for two years, I said I would never live in an apartment again. But this isn’t your typical apartment complex. It really does feel like home. And the neighbors are friendly as easy-going. I’m so happy I chose Cambridge Villas." 
- Alyssa Katherine, Current Resident at Cambridge Villas